Creating a salon handbook for your employees

Creating a handbook for your salon employees was brought up in a previous post. Here some simple tips for what to include in this guide for your salon business.

The handbook should be split up into relevant sections for easy reference. The front of the handbook should be used to give a brief history of your salon and your salon’s mission statement. It is also a good idea to include a statement about anti-discrimination in the workplace along with an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statement.

Salon Operations: This section should include pertinent knowledge for all salon employees including hours of operation, holidays, hierarchy of salon staff (who are the salon managers or other employees with authority) and phone numbers for building manager/landlord. A subsection could be used to address employee standards including attendance, calling in sick, vacation pay, benefits, required education/training, dress code/professional appearance, employee bonuses/recognition, disciplinary procedures, etc.

Policies: This section should be used to set clear expectations for your business. Include policies for employee performance reviews, harassment, social media usage (what employee can or cannot say about your business), drugs/alcohol, solicitation/fundraising, pricing, security and safety, etc.

Conduct: In this section address the telephone policy (possibly include a written script for employees to use when answering the phone), internet/cell phone usage while on duty, how or who should deal with customer complaints, etc.

Emergency Procedures: This section is extremely important and should address procedures for every type of emergency that could happen within your business-fire, flood, tornado, bomb threat, robbery, power outage, blizzard etc. To be prepared to handle any situation, check out how to plan for workplace emergencies.

It is a good idea to include a receipt in the employee handbook that can be signed and dated by the employee upon receiving and reading it. You can keep a signed copy of the receipt in their employee file in case there is ever a discrepancy over whether or not they received the handbook.

The information you provide in your employee handbook is not limited to those ideas here. Think about things that you like or dislike about other businesses or ask another business owner about what they include in their employee handbook. This is your salon business, so feel free to revise the handbook when needed. Make sure to give a copy of the revised handbook to every employee so that they are always informed of changes.  It is also a good idea to have a one-on-one review of the handbook with each employee to discuss in greater detail.

If your salon needs a new handbook, contact, SalonVoices can provide a generic outline and generic content or collaborate with you and help you develop a custom handbook that is specific to the needs of your salon.  Our salon owning blog readers will be provided with a free handbook outline, email us at and reference this blog post.  Please include your name, along with the name and zip code of your salon.

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  1. This is a great idea. We implemented a salon handbook for our employees last year and has made us feel like we have more control over our staff, in a good way. We have emergency policies and standards for our employees to guide by. It just gives a clear direction of how to run our business and gives our staff guidelines to operate by.

  2. Ada Lucio says:

    Really enjoyed reading your website. Learn some new things. Thanks

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