Keep ‘em Coming: Creative Ways to Increase Customer Retention

Since the recession began, many people have cut back on their visits to the hair salon.  So how do you get your clients to come back?  Well, the standard customer service is not going to cut it.  Salon owners need to start thinking outside the box to get the most out of their clients.   Researching the competition can help you make your salon standout from the others.  Michael Crispel’s unique approach to customer service resulted in a thriving customer retention.

Giving clients an incentive for referrals helps boost your salon’s clientele.  Earth Salon developed a referral program called “Share Your Secrets” that encourages clients to refer friends to the salon.  They took the problem of repeat business and came up with a solution that allowed their customers to come back more often as well as bring new business to the salon.

Adding value to your services lets the customer know that you care about enriching their salon experience.  An article in Black enterprise offers some great advice about valuing your customer .   Here are a few simple things you can do.  Show your client you value their time by not overbooking.  If a loyal customer is struggling financially, you can offer a discounted service or payment plan.

Selling product is a crucial aspect to a salon gaining revenue.  Many salons are losing business to store brand hair products due to the cost and accessibility.  Michael Crispel found a way to use retail products to his advantage by allowing customers to trade-in their store brand hair product for a professional hair product at a discount.

Let us know your creative customer service ideas and how they have boosted your customer retention.

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