Creating the Best Salon Experience

Anytime a new patron walks through the doors, that is an opportunity to make them a regular client.  The key to customer retention starts by creating the best salon experience for the client.  As the professional, the client looks to you for advice and sound judgement on what hairstyle will look best.  You can address any concerns during the consultation as well as relay to the client if their expectations are realistic. 

Once the actual hair appointment begins, communicate with the client what you plan on doing before actually doing it.  This creates a more relaxed environment and ensures that you don’t do anything the client is not comfortable with.  Stylist Chris Lospalluto explains, “For the first appointment it helps if the stylist walks the client all the way through the experience, explaining what is happening the entire time, as this helps to set a lot of clients at ease.”

When a client wants color, there are additional steps to take to enhance their salon experience.  If there is a possibility there may be a vocabulary barrier when describing certain colors, experienced stylists often use a swatch to help the client know exactly what shade you are recommending.  Advising your customer about the required maintenance is imperative.  Explain the importance of keeping healthy hair through frequent salon visits or careful home maintenance.  Educate them on the products you use to create the look, so that they might purchase them to keep their color vibrant.

Haircuts can be a dramatic change for the customer.  A Skillful stylist will figure out the intention behind the cut to better assess which type of cut will benefit the client the most.  Some key questions to pose to your client include the following:

1) How much time do they like spending on their hair?  You don’t want to give them a style that requires a lot of work if they don’t have time to do their hair.

2) What their occupation and hobbies are?  You want to make sure the style fits their lifestyle.

3) Do they have problem areas? It promotes your value to them if you discuss what you do to cover up or resolve issues caused by problem areas.

The answers to these questions eliminate dissatisfaction with the final cut.  Prior to making the cut, confirm with the client what you intend to do as well as how to style the cut on their own.

What ways have you contributed to creating the best salon experience for your clients?

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