Give your Hairstyles the Runway Treatment

Hair shows are an excellent way to express your aesthetic as a stylist and generate a buzz about your salon.  They gained massive exposure in the Chris Rock documentary “Good Hair” and even brought Stylist Derek J to celebrity status.  Clearly, the market is hot and there is no time like the present to expand your brand by creating your own hair show.    

Hair shows allow you to show off your skills in a creative setting.  However, the main goal is to generate business. The hair show gives you the spotlight to showcase your talent as well as sell products.  Hosting a successful hair show can give you leverage in the industry and fatten your wallet.  According to, “Salon owner Janel Smith says hair shows can be prime venues for finding business opportunities.  Smith’s attendance and participation has led to teaching opportunities; the launch of her own natural haircare line, Revivamane; and lucrative deals with haircare companies and clients.”  

To effectively sell your brand, you need to make sure there is a clear theme and organizational structure to the event.  Industry veteran Tracey Gallagher adds, “A slick, professional show can help you to impress your current client base, attract new clients and create media attention. Get it wrong, and a poorly executed show will have the opposite effect.”

Establishing a relationship with the press can heighten the turnout for your show.  Press coverage gives your salon an extended exposure because publications and shows can create buzz long before/after the actual event.  Inviting prominent people can ensure press coverage, therefore the more affluent the better.   Katherine Rothman breaks down how to build your salon business through public relations.   

You do not need to break the bank to have a good show.  To alleviate some of the expense you can use the show as an opportunity to reach out to the community.   Picking a meaningful cause to raise money creates a universal appeal to support the event because you are helping people in need.  This way you can have fun and make a difference in someone’s life.  Here’s an a example of how a hair show raised awareness for cancer.

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