Matching Client’s Hair to their Lifestyle

Effectively communicating with your customers can increase customer retention and give you a competitive selling edge.  In order to sell the appropriate services/products for each client, the seasoned stylist knows you have to learn about the client’s lifestyle.

Upon first meeting a client, you should develop a profile based on the information you obtain from them during your conversations.  Besides the standard hair information, you can also inquire about their hobbies, children, or if they have any special events coming up.  This will give you the opportunity to decipher what services will best suite your client.  For example, if they are about to go on vacation with their family, you can suggest hairstyles that are simple and easy to maintain.  In addition, you can offer her a vacation survival kit including things like hair accessories, travel size hair products, etc.

Reuben Carranza’s, CEO of P&G Salon Professional, experience as a business owner gives him insight on understanding clients.  During an ABS Business Forum, Carranza stressed, “Understanding who your best clients are, and what they want, is the first step to winning in the new beauty economy. From there, owners can reverse the decline in retail and service revenue, re-energize the staff and cut through the clutter of competition.”

Try to embrace not solely thinking about hair, but expanding your horizons from a business standpoint by combining talent with customer service.  One way to exercise this is to figure out what defines today’s salon customer.  According to Mark Komanecky, “Salons can bring the client/beauty shopper in with a seamless transition from the services she loves to the products she buys. First, you have to know your core customer—that 20 percent of clients who often generate 80 percent of your total revenue. Then look at making physical changes that make shopping easier.”

Komanecky offers several retail tips to keep your salon meeting the needs of your core customers.  Utilizing strategies like this have proven successful for salons.  Check out this customer testimonial from Jeff Teschke.

Let us know what methods you have found successful in obtaining information from clients.

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