Budget Friendly Ways to Market Your Salon

Making your salon’s brand visible to the largest amount of people is the goal of marketing. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank to create a good marketing strategy. In order to reap the benefits, you must create a budget within your means that is cost efficient and targets a specific audience.

Communication has changed forcing salons to adopt different methods of promotion. People desire constant contact with others and want to be updated on their day-to-day actions. Therefore, simply passing out business cards and posting flyers aren’t as effective anymore because they lack that personal connection. Recent studies have shown that traditional ways of marketing are becoming less effective. Social Media Examiner, Ruth Shipley explains, “Many people have turned their collective backs on traditional advertising and ask their friends and family members for advice instead. They know any ad they see is just a sales pitch.” As a result, spending less money on traditional styles of marketing is beneficial.

Focus on tailoring your message to your target audience in order to achieve the best results. In essence, you don’t to work harder, just smarter. Providing clients with services they desire increases the probability that they’ll return as well as refer your salon to others. Your marketing should make the clients feel a sense of exclusivity. Sending an email to each customer is better than shooting mass emails because the client doesn’t feel special. Vice President of Salon Business Development, John Moroney suggests, “Talking to your clients and find out what social media they use and how they prefer to get messages from your salon. Be sure you tell clients about promotions or new services.”

Another way to communicate with clients is through your salon’s website. Constantly updating your web site throughout the day encourages users to make several visits to your site. In addition, it creates a buzz around your site and makes users not want to miss out on any content. Salonguru.net adds, “A common problem of websites for hair & beauty salons is their over-emphasis on “looking good” while failing to promote and sell.” Blogging is an important asset to marketing on your salon’s web site that allows you to do both.

Let us know what salon marketing techniques you’ve found successful! For more advice on salon marketing on a budget, visit localmarketingideas.com.

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