Pushing Your Salon Revenue into Overdrive with Social Media

Social media users should be included in your target marketing audience. During this holiday season, several people are opting to avoid long lines and traffic by making their purchases online. As a salon owner, you need to stay abreast on the latest marketing strategies that will increase your revenue, customer retention, and brand exposure. Here’s some insight on how to incorporate social media into your salon marketing.

Before coming up with marketing ideas, you need to understand the social media audience. Social media users are becoming a valuable asset to businesses. In order for people to support your salon, they need to be socially engaged. According to Eclipse Creative, “43% of businesses use Social Media with the objective of improving sales but leveraging the power of social media for businesses hinges on the engagement factor. Consumers expect a two-way engagement with a company through social media and the more engaged your fans / followers are the higher the chances are that your messages will be received and digested.” As a result, once you break into social media you have to constantly be updating your content and stay relevant to users.

A strong Facebook presence is a great way to remain cognizant of the needs and content your audience desires. People use social media as a research tool to compare pricing and overall customer satisfaction. The Facebook fan can play a major role in expanding your brand. Mikal E. Belicove, a social media consultant, explains,Those who profess to be fans are much more likely to participate in ‘desirable actions’ using Facebook, such as making a purchase. The fact that they do so at a situational rate of up to 547 percent higher than nonfans is eye opening.” What salon owner wouldn’t want to have Facebook fans that possess this type of enthusiasm?

Now that you have a better understanding of why social media users are valuable to your salon’s business, let’s discuss some ideas you can use to generate revenue this holiday season. Venpop.com offers several social media ideas that will resonate with users.  They suggest offering free shipping to Facebook fans. This is a great strategy because it gives users an incentive to “like” your salon for the savings, but it also creates an interest to revisit your page for similar promotions. Another idea they proposed is adding a wish list to your page. They add, “People can choose the items they want from anywhere on the web then share them with friends or family over Facebook or Twitter.” Your salon benefits because clients can ask for salon services, a gift card, or a package of their favorite hair/beauty products.

Let us know what social media strategies you plan to use this holiday season! To learn more about making your salon a social business, check out this Forbes.com article.

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