Beat the Heat: Care for hair all summer long!

Care for your hair all summer long!

Summer is right around the corner! While everyone loves the sun and fun summer offers, it introduces new threats to hair health. Keeps your clients’ hair looking great by teaching them how to protect their locks from some of summer’s greatest offenders; sun, humidity and heat. Summer’s conditions are all harsh on hair causing it to be dry, brittle, dull, frizzy and hard to style. Here are a few tips to keeping hair healthy:

Sun: Just as it can damage skin, the sun can also damage hair. Suggest that your clients wear a scarf  over their hair to help protect it from the sun. If a client comes in for an up-do for an outdoor wedding or special event, propose pulling the hair into a classic chignon and wrap it with a scarf–this looks chic and keeps hair healthy. For a day in the sun, advise your clients to wear hats or keep their hair up, to prevent and minimize damage to the hair. Plus, wearing a hat will protect your skin–it’s a win-win!

Humidity: Everyone wants happy clients- that means letting them know when NOT to get a cut. If you want a happy client- and a returning client, encourage those with coarse or curly hair to wait for those bangs until after the threat of summer humidity is over. New York salon owner Mark Garrison, of Mark Garrison salon, warns, “The ‘boing’-or shrink up factor- is just too great!” Persuade your coarse and curly haired clients to keep their bangs longer during the summer- this will look sleeker and allow the client to sweep them to the side.

Heat:  Summer heat also brings sweat.  When you sweat, hair can become flat and greasy- not a good look for anyone! A quick fix is dry shampoo. Amy Abramite, the creative and educational director of Chicago’s Maxine Salon, suggests that, “If you’re on the go, refresh and cleanse your style with dry shampoo.” When clients come in for a cut or style, teach them how to use dry shampoo by spraying 1-inch sections, going against the grain of hair growth. Allow the shampoo to absorb and then brush out the hair.

Teach your clients these tips so that their hair stays beautiful and strong all summer long. Prevention is the most important step in keeping those luscious locks healthy, but if clients come in with damaged hair, recommend a highly moisturizing and conditioning mask- this will make the hair silkier and smoother.

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