Return Clients….Look at Their Value!

Attracting and converting customers to their businesses is where the bulk of marketing efforts go.  We’ll show you below why much of this effort is misplaced.  Take a look at these numbers before you begin to design your customer retention strategies.

●      The average business loses 10% of its customers each year

●      Increasing customer retention by 2% has the same impact on your business’s profits as cutting costs by 10%

●      Attracting new customers can cost nearly 5 times more than satisfying and keeping your current clients

●      The profitability rate of a client tends to increase over the life of a retained customer

Retaining an old customer is not only less expensive than acquiring a new client, but it is also much more profitable. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your clients coming back for more:


Once a client has been to your salon, you should use every opportunity possible to connect personally with them. Use their first name when you address them, especially when sending out salon emails and newsletters. This can go a long way in making your client feel like they are getting special treatment- and should provide the “hook” for them to come back for more.

Client Clubs/Reward Programs:

Client retention increases with the development of a club for clients. Simply offering clients member special values or giving them early access to upcoming promotions or new products and services will make your clients feel valued, and in turn they will be more likely to return. For example USE YOUR NEWSLETTER to pre-announce upcoming discounts & specials and encourage current clients to book early.

Client retention does take time and dedication, however there is no doubt that it is imperative to your salon’s success. This success means green dollars for you! How do you retain clients at your salon?


Know What Your Client Thinks About Your Service

Each week we are including  a question that is critical for you to know the answer. It is important that you know how your client’s feel about your salon and its services, so that you can fix any concerns.

If you could confidentially ask your clients about how they felt following their interaction with your salon’s receptionist, they would respond:

●      Very Satisfied

●      Satisfied

●      Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied

●      Very Dissatisfied

Only two answers are acceptable, Very Satisfied and Satisfied…. Your front desk is key to both the first and last impression of your salon.


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